What Factors Decide The Cherries Sweet?

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  Nowadays, cherries are grown in many countries all over the world, and sweet cherries are also loved by many people. So what factors affect the sweetness of cherries?

1. Soil

  Cherry is suitable for planting in loose, fertile soil with a PH value of 7 or slightly less, so that the fruit is larger and tastes sweeter; On the contrary, it is small and light.

Sweet cherry planting factors

2. Illumination

  Only by ensuring good lighting conditions in orchards, the photosynthetic efficiency of leaves is high, and the amount of starch accumulated in fruits and gradually degraded into sugar is more. Therefore, in orchards with sufficient illumination, the fruits produced by cherries have higher sweetness and better coloring.

Cherry planting conditions

3. Temperature

  The respiration of fruit trees at night consumes nutrients produced during the day. If the temperature difference between day and night is large and the temperature is too low at night, the respiration of fruit trees will be weakened, the energy consumption will be less, and the accumulation of materials will be relatively increased. Therefore, fruit sweetness is generally higher in areas with a large temperature difference between day and night.

Sweet cherry growing conditions

4. Moisture

  Both open-field cherries and greenhouse cherries need watering, and water is also a factor affecting the sweetness of fruits. Adequate water can ensure transpiration and photosynthesis of fruit trees. However, if the moisture content of cherry is too high in maturity, it will dilute the sugar content in cherry fruit and reduce the sweetness of the fruit. Therefore, excessive watering should not be carried out during the ripening period of cherry fruit.

Cherry growing in greenhouse

  So, if you want to increase the sweetness of cherries, you can pay more attention to the four factors of soil, illumination, temperature , and moisture.



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