In our sections of AGROW Metals, AGROW Plastics, AGTek, we are able to access a diverse range of materials to meet the
needs of today's sustainable agriculture and growing needs, here below are 6 of our focus:

Orchard and Vineyard Supplies

As a core section of AGROW, our OVS range provides a complete line of materials and systems for Vineyard Trellis, Orchard Trellis, Table-Top Growing Systems,  Our unmatched selection of materials including but not limited to: Open Gable Trellis System
  • ​Flat Gable Trellis System
  • ​DOV Raisin Trellis System
  • ​Vertical Trellis System
  • ​Lyre Trellis System
  • Metal Posts and Grape Stakes
  • Anchorages
  • Trellis Hardware like Wire Strainers, Wire Vises
  • Trellis Wire

Agricultural Canopies and Shelters

In ACS (Agriculture Canopies and Shelters) section at AGROW, we offer a complete lingrie of Agriculture Covering Materials and Corp Protection Systems including but not limited to:
  • Agriculture Hoop House
  • Prote+ Corp Rain Cover Systems
  • Agtek+ Corp Netting Protection Systems 
  • Covering Materials
  • Livestock Shelters


Farm and Ranch

In FRS (Farm and Ranch Supplies) section at AGROW, we offer a complete line of Farm, Ranch, and Fencing supplies, our unmatched selection of Farm and Ranch Supplies including but not limited to:
  • Livestock Feeders and Waterers
  • Livestock Stalls and Pens
  • Cattle Headlock
  • Farm Fence Gates
  • Corral Panels and Gates
  • Electric Fence Materials 
  • Wire Fence Materials
  • Farm Fence Hardware

Horticulture & Garden

In our HGS (Horticulture and Gardening Supplies) section, we carry a vast selection of superior innovative horticulture and gardening supplies for our clients of commercial growers, gardeners, landscapers, produce growers and even home gardeners for hobby. We offer a complete line from seedling, planting nursery to harvest. Our unmatched range and innovation including but not limited to:
  • Fruit Growing Bags (Grape,Apple,Pear growing bags etc…)
  • Plant Protectors 
  • Plant Covers
  • Garden Net 
  • Garden Edging and Fencing
  • Tying Materials 
  • Planters 
  • Garden Tools

Enviroment & Safety Control 

At Agrow, we have strong commitment to Environment and Safety Control solutions. In our section of ESC (Environment & Safety Control), we carry an extensive materials geared toward segments of Erosion Control, Construction Safety, Personal Working Safety, Traffic Safety and Recycling and Eco-materials developments… 
Below you would find a quick list of our ESC material ranges: 
  • Erosion Control Materials
  • Construction Safety Products 
  • Traffic Safety Products 
  • Working Protection


Watering & Irrigation

In our section of WIS ( Watering and Irrigation), we meet your need when you want to water your plants, followers and vegetables, including drip irrigation and hand watering supplies, From greenhouse or high tunnel watering to filed irrigation, here below you can find a list of our major supplies: 
  • Garden Hose
  • Hose Stand
  • Irrigation Pipe 
  • Drip Irrigation Tape
  • Drip Irrigation Kit



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