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A name born to serve agriculture and growing industries and
A name registered for its expertise in steels, plastics and Eco-friendly materials.
Integrated by Manufacturing Facilities, R&D Center, Business Management & Customer Service Office,
our team consists of Engineers, Technicians, Designers, Skilled workers, Quality Inspectors, Agronomist,
Site Consultants, Global Sales & Logistics Consultants and Project Managers, we are ready to provide
you the most professional, the highest efficient service & solutions to your challenges, the most complex
commercial projects or simply a gardening case .


In our sections of AGROW Metals, AGROW Plastics, AGROW Eco-lite, we are able to access a diverse range of materials
to meet the needs of today's sustainable agriculture and growing needs, here below are 6 of our focus.

Orchards and Vineyards Supplies

Crop Protection Systems

Farm and Ranch Supplies

Horticulture and Growers Supplies

Watering and Irrigation Supplies

Environment and Safety Control

Lifestyle Products
Agricluture Solutions


Mill-direct Supplies
Equipped with 15000+sqm workshops and 5000+sqm R&D Center, we are ready to ship you quality delveries at Mill-direct costs,
in time and on Specifications...
Born to Serve Agriculture
AGROW,a name born to serve Agriculture and Growing industries,with 20+ years of experience in the industries,we are more than a manufacturer...
Integrated Service
Consisting of Engineers and Client Managers, we are ready to provide you the most integrated service by 7x24hrs...
Premium Quality Only
From selection of raw materials to final packing, we take quality as the life our business...




  • Sep
    Notes After Mango Bagging

    Mango is a delicious tropical fruit which has a thin skin and rich flesh. Appearance is the first element to consider before consumers choose mangoes, so for growers, mango bagging is usually used to improve the quality and colors of mangoes.But after bagging, do not ignore the fruit trees. It is al

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    Some Of New Type Grape Protection Bags In Testing

    Grape Bagging is organic farming technology that put grape in bags and prevent them from insect pests, birds, and bad weather. The white, kraft and green paper bag model is most used in vineyards. There are some grape growing bags in the test which is in a novel style. Let’s take a look! The paper b

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    How To Choose The Quality Mango Protection Bags?

    The shading of mango paper bagsPut a paper bag on the turned on incandescent bulb, and observe the light penetrating the paper bag. If the light penetration is poor, it means that the paper bag has good shading, otherwise, the paper bag has poor shading. The shading of the paper bag determines the

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    Have You Bagged Your Citrus?

    Citrus bagging is an important part of the citrus planting process. We will talk about the benefits of bagging and how to bag citrus in this article. How to choose a paper bag1. Single-layer white 100% wood pulp paper bag;2. Choose a direct and trusted paper bag manufacture.3. The paper bag should b

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    Why Do Pomegranates Need To Be Bagged?

    Autumn is coming, and it's a good time to eat pomegranates. During the process of planting pomegranates, we see that pomegranates are all in bags, so why do pomegranates need to be bagged? When to bag? What are the pomegranate bagging techniques?1. The benefits of pomegranate baggingPomegranate bagg



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