What are We Need to Know when Using Paper Fruit Bags?

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Paper fruit bags can improve yield and quality by physically protecting the fruit during development, and early fruit development is the most suitable time for bagging.

For example——


  • Apples: Cover the fruit with a bag when the diameter of the fruit is about ¾.

  • Peaches: Cover the fruit with a bag when the diameter of the fruit is about ¾.

  • Grapes: Cover the fruit with a bag when grapes become the size of peas.


1. Early season pest management should be done well before bagging

You can choose your own pest management methods, such as using pesticides. It should be noted that this will be the last time insecticide is used this year.

1 Pest management

2. Fruit thinning

While bagging, fruit thinning can be carried out to ensure that each cluster produces only one fruit.

2 Fruit thinning

3. Bagging the fruit

Cover and wrap the entire fruit with a paper bag and attach it to the branches or stems.

Paper fruit bags can be hung on branches or stems and fixed with metal wires.

3 Bagging the fruit

4. Remove the bag

For apples and peaches, paper fruit bags should be removed three weeks before harvest to ensure proper fruit color; Grapes can be kept in paper bags until harvest.

4 Remove the bag

With the increasing popularity of fruit bagging technology, the more you know about this aspect, the better.

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