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High Tunnel Hoop House

Poly Tunnels are cost-effective steel structures covered with Polyethylene Film or Tarpaulin, which are installed to generate extra profits for the growers from extending growing seasons,it features in effective costs, easy and flexible installation comparing with Greenhouse. Poly-tunnels are widely used in Agriculture and installed for Protected Crops or Housing Livestock and Poultry.improved quality and appearance, as well as the yields of the crops. We carry ranges of tunnels form Garden Tunnels(hobby), Growing Tunnel to Commercial Multi-bay Spanish Tunnels or Single Bay Tunnels,Poly Tunnels can be custom made into variety of lengths and heights,from economic patterns to premium patterns to premium patterns with manual or electric/solar powering roll up and roll-down doors,windscreens and side and top vents. A vast selection of accessories and fittings are available.

Crops in many areas require protection from Poly-tunnels, such as Ireland, Scotland, Australia, South america, south africa, etc... A professional Poly-tunnels supplier/manufacturers is very important.

AGROW polytunnels provide Profitable,Functional,Sustainable and Customized solutions to Crop Growers, Gardeners, Farmers and Ranchers, a complete line of Polytunnels are available from DIY Hobby tunnels to Commercial Poly tunnels, and varied patterns including but limited to Single-bay Low Tunnels and High Tunnels, Multi-span High Tunnels, Super-span High Tunnels, Quoset Tunnels and Gothic Tunnels etc…

Built on our Standard Models, we provide Customs Solutions to Poly tunnel Ventilations, Rain and Water Drainage, Door and Entrance for different applications like Fruits Growing Tunnels, Livestock and Poultry Shading Shelters.



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