• Three Methods to Prevent Grape from Flower and Fruit Dropping

    Grape flower and fruit dropping is a common phenomenon in grape growth. However, less fruit setting of grapes means reduced production. The following three methods are helpful to keep the fruit setting rate of grapes in an appropriate range, which is conducive to the stable production of grapes and Read More

  • How to Get More Grapes with Excellent Yield and Quality?

    Grapevine is an extremely optimistic striver. Even if it is allowed to grow freely, it still yearns for the blue sea and blue sky, and always strives for a higher level.Grapevine is a friendly communicator. If you provide it with appropriate attention and cultivation, it will send you its fullest en Read More

  • Effects of High Temperature on Grapes

    Summer provides the appropriate temperature and abundant light for grapes' growth. The large temperature difference between day and night is a significant process for high-quality grapes to accumulate sugar. However, sometimes, the temperature during the daytime is too high to harm grapes' growth.Le Read More

  • Three Practical Benefits of Using Grape Trellis

    Have you ever visited a vineyard? Have you ever observed how grapes grow? Do you know what manual services are required for grape growth?If you have ever visited a vineyard, you will find that the growth mode of grapes is not the same as that of other fruits. It will climb up step by step along the Read More

  • Why do Vineyards need Trellis Systems?

    When you start growing grapes, someone may suggest you use the trellis systems or your grapevines cannot be grown satisfactorily. So why do you need trellises in your vineyards? What makes the trellis system so important in vineyards? Here are four reasons for trellises planting. 1. Sufficient ligh Read More

  • 4 Health Benefits of Eating Grapes

    Humans have a long history of cultivating grapes, making wine, and creating grape culture. About 5000 or 6000 years ago, grape cultivation and wine making began in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, the South Caucasus, and Central Asia. Later, it spread westward to Western European countries such as Italy and Fran Read More

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