• Organic Guide To Growing Apples: Bagging Apples

    Producing quality apples can be challenging, they are subject to lots of pests and diseases, but now we have discovered a low-tech way to grow high-quality fruit you won't be afraid to eat. Developed in the 19th century, apple bagging is applied to about 30 percent of the crop, Now, fruit bagging ha Read More

  • Fruit Bagging Also Improve The Quality Of Wine Grapes

    Most grape growers may be familiar with fruit bagging technology when comes to viticulture for table grapes. But wine grape bagging also improve the wine quality show in the study by Loving Cup Vineyard and Winery in 2018. The vineyard bagged the Corot Noir Grapes in 19x27cm white paper bags with mi Read More

  • Reflective Film Improve Conditions For Apple Colouring

    Apple growers are always looking for ways to turn out cost-effective apple crops with high-quality to meet consumer demand. In a research report published in HortTechnology, The use of reflective films is a new approach to increase fruit size and color, which can result in increased profits for appl Read More

  • Bagging Juicy Peaches For The This Season

    Agrow Team went to Phoenix Orchard Sunday, and guess what? Not picking, we're bagging. “Looking at these lovely Juicy Peach on the tree”, said the Owner of Phoenix Orchard all with love. He has a passion for farming and is eager to make harvesting Juicy Peach their family business, it is deemed an e Read More

  • How To Protect Guava From Pests

    Guava, Psidium guajava, is a common tropical fruit in many tropical and subtropical regions. Many guava growers may face sthe following situations every summer when the fruit starts to ripe,: the ripe fruit gets holes and when cut it they see small larvas crawling all inside. Many growers did use an Read More

  • 10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Grapes

    Grapeis one of the most popular types of fruit which can be eaten fresh or they canbe used for making wine, juicy, jam, jelly, raisins, vinegar, grape seedextract, etc…Let’stake a look below for 10 more interesting and facts about grapes. 1.Grapes Are BerriesGrapesare botanically classed as berries… Read More

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