How to Choose a High-quality Paper Fruit Bag?

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More and more people begin to use paper fruit bags to grow fruits, such as grapes, apples, peaches, pears, kiwi fruit, etc.

Those who know about paper fruit bags should know that most paper fruit bags consist of the top steel wire, the fruit bag mouth, and the hydrophobic hole. However, how many people know how to judge the quality of paper fruit bags? Now, let's talk about how to choose a high-quality paper fruit bag. 

1. Ensure the Paper Quality

  • Press the whole paper fruit bag into the water.

  • Rub the paper bag in the form of clothes washing.

  • Then, take out the fruit bag after one minute to check whether it is damaged. 

  • If the paper bag is not damaged or deformed, it can be judged that the paper quality is good.

Ensure the Paper Quality

2. Check the Waterproof Performance

  • Observe the shape of residual water droplets on the surface by watering the surface of paper fruit bags.

  • If the water droplets present a round and plump shape on the surface of the paper bag, it indicates that its waterproof performance is good.

Check the Waterproof Performance

3. Check the Air Permeability

  • Prepare a paper fruit bag and a bowl of hot water.

  • Cover the hot water with a paper fruit bag.

  • If the surface of the fruit bag can emit steam, it means that the paper fruit bag has good air permeability.

Check the Air Permeability

4. Observe Whether the Top Steel Wire is Easy to Rust

  • Soak the top steel wire in water or put it in a humid environment for a while to observe whether it is rusty.

  • If it is not rusty, it can be judged that the quality is good.

  • It should be noted that this test may take a long time.

Observe Whether the Top Steel Wire is Easy to Rust

Choosing a high-quality fruit bag can protect the growth of fruit. Why not consider.


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