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  • What are the Types of Anti-hail Nets?
    In the coming rainy season, hail is often the main cause of crop failure. When you try to protect your orchard or vineyard from hail, you will receive advice on establishing an anti-hail netting. Anti hail netting, also known as anti-hail mesh, or hail protection netting, is one of the important way Read More
  • What are the benefits of fruit bagging?
    Many fruit farmers choose to bag their fruits during the planting process of apple trees, grape trees, pear trees, peach trees, and other fruit trees to obtain more high-quality and delicious fruits. So, what are the benefits of fruit bagging?1. Promote the coloring of the fruit surfaceUsing an appl Read More
  • How to Bag Grapes Properly?
    To improve the quality and yield of grapes, bagging grapes is one of the choices that fruit farmers have tried many times. So, how should grapes be bagged correctly when we use fruit protection bags?1. Bagging timeTime: When white fruit powder appears on the surface.Besides, bagging cannot be carrie Read More
  • What are We Need to Know when Using Paper Fruit Bags?
    Paper fruit bags can improve yield and quality by physically protecting the fruit during development, and early fruit development is the most suitable time for bagging.For example——When?Apples: Cover the fruit with a bag when the diameter of the fruit is about ¾.Peaches: Cover the fruit with a bag w Read More
  • How to Choose a High-quality Paper Fruit Bag?
    More and more people begin to use paper fruit bags to grow fruits, such as grapes, apples, peaches, pears, kiwi fruit, etc.Those who know about paper fruit bags should know that most paper fruit bags consist of the top steel wire, the fruit bag mouth, and the hydrophobic hole. However, how many peop Read More
  • Relevant Science Popularization of Trellis System Suitable for Different Types of Grapes
    Each type of grape has a suitable rack system. Today, let's briefly introduce the trellis system that may apply to table grapes and wine grapes.1.The Table GrapeVarieties: Thompson Seedless, Kyoho, Red GlobeTrellis system: Open Gable Trellis SystemsAdvantage:More uniform sunlight distribution —— pro Read More
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