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  • Tips To Choose The Right Hole Size Of Anti-Bird Netting

    Bird netting is one of the most effective ways to bird control, it’s designed to physically exclude birds from damaging your crop. But how to choose the right hole size of bird netting is an issue to consider before the birds landing.Here are some tips to choose the right hole size of bird netting. Read More

  • Top Five Benefits Of Grape Bagging Technique

    Fruit bagging is the most perfect way to protect fruit without pesticides. It leads to all sorts of benefits, this includes weather protection, uniform coloring, delay in maturation, bird control, and disease control.Here are the top ten benefits of fruit bagging techniques that are supported by man Read More

  • How to choose the right hail nets?

    Hail can do considerable damage to grapevines by damaging leaves, stems, shoots, flower clusters and fruits. Hail also can reduce the crop, the number of shoots and leaf wall. It’s important to protect grapes against the hail damage.Hail net is one of the most effective ways to reduce the damage to Read More

  • How to choose an appropriate trellis system for vineyard?

    Many factors influence the choice of trellis for a vineyard. There are several factors to consider before you choose a trellis design: CultivarVine vigorMechanizationExpense Growth Habit of Grape cultivarsDifferent grapes require different trellises, the type of grape will influence the most suitabl Read More

  • How to keep grapes from Birds and Insects?

    How to keep grapes from Birds and Insects is a major problem in grapes planting.If you want to savor delicious grapes before the birds start savoring them first.You need take some action to safeguard vineyards from grape-eating birds and Fruit fly. Currently, bagging and netting is recommended to cr Read More

  • Grape Growing Bags -Protecting your grapes in a mini Greenhouse

    How to Protecting your grapes in a mini Greenhouse from the sun, insects, and receive high quality grapes, you can get the answers you want in this blog post. Read More

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