Relevant Science Popularization of Trellis System Suitable for Different Types of Grapes

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Each type of grape has a suitable rack system. Today, let's briefly introduce the trellis system that may apply to table grapes and wine grapes.

1.The Table Grape

  • Varieties: Thompson Seedless, Kyoho, Red Globe

  • Trellis system: Open Gable Trellis Systems

Vineyard Open Gable Trellis Systems

  • Advantage:

More uniform sunlight distribution —— providing a high-quality and stable grape growing environment

Open gable trellis systems - More uniform sunlight distribution

Better air circulation —— reducing the occurrence of decay and disease

Open gable trellis systems - promote airflow

  • Other trellises that can be used: Lyre Trellis System

2. The Wine Grape

  • Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chadonnay, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc

  • Trellis system: Vertical Shoot Position(VSP)

Vertical shoot postion trellis systems

  • Advantage:

Provide sufficient sunlight —— accelerate the ripening speed

VSP trellis systems - sufficient sunlight

Various machines are highly compatible —— reduce labor costs

VSP trellis systems - More suitable for mechanization

Enables more efficient farming operations —— blade removal

Promote airflow —— prevent fungal diseases

  • Other trellises that can be used: Expended Vertical Trellis System

The trellis system applicable to these two types of grapes is certainly more than those mentioned in the article. We will supplement it in future blog posts, and welcome readers to comment and discuss at any time.


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