How to Bag Grapes Properly?

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To improve the quality and yield of grapes, bagging grapes is one of the choices that fruit farmers have tried many times. So, how should grapes be bagged correctly when we use fruit protection bags?

1. Bagging time

Time: When white fruit powder appears on the surface.

Besides, bagging cannot be carried out in hot weather or when the sunshine is too strong so that the grapes cannot adapt to the bagging environment.

2. Color selection of fruit protection bags

For grapes, the color of the fruit protection bag can be selected based on the color of the grape. For example, if grapes are green, you can choose green bags; if grapes are purple, you can choose light or white fruit bags. (ps. White fruit protection bags are universal.)

Color selection of fruit protection bags

3. Bagging environmental conditions

It is best to avoid bagging in hot weather or when the sun is too strong, to avoid situations where grapes cannot adapt to the bagging environment.

Grape bagging environmental conditions

4. Bagging Steps

  • Propping up the fruit protection bag and wrap the grapes from bottom to top.

  • Tie the fruit bag onto the grape stem with metal wire, leaving a space of 1-1.5 centimeters on it for winding to ensure the firmness of the fruit bag.

  • A small hole should be left at the drain. It is necessary to ensure that the small holes are not too large to prevent mosquito breeding.

Grape bagging steps

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