What are the benefits of fruit bagging?

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Many fruit farmers choose to bag their fruits during the planting process of apple trees, grape trees, pear trees, peach trees, and other fruit trees to obtain more high-quality and delicious fruits. So, what are the benefits of fruit bagging?

1. Promote the coloring of the fruit surface

Using an apple as an example:

By bagging, apple fruits can grow under shading conditions for a long time, inhibiting the synthesis of chlorophyll, thereby making the surface color of the fruit skin lighter, which is conducive to the full utilization of anthocyanins, making the fruit appear full and delicious bright red, and promoting surface coloring.

Promote the coloring of the fruit surface

2. Prevention of insect and bird damage

Fruit bagging can effectively isolate the external environment and hinder the positive contact between insects/birds and the fruit to some extent, reducing the possibility of insect and bird damage.

Prevention of insect and bird damage

3. Preventing sunburn

Fruit bags have a certain degree of transparency and breathability. Using fruit bags for bagging can effectively prevent excessive or overheated sunlight on the fruit, reducing the possibility of sunburn.

Preventing sunburn

4. Prevent fruit cracking

Fruit bagging can maintain the air humidity inside the bag, which increases the toughness of the fruit peel and greatly reduces the chance of cracking to some extent.

Prevent fruit cracking

Bagging fruits can effectively improve their quality and quantity. Do you know more about bagging? More relevant information can be found at agrowgroup.


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