Different Types of Anti Bird Nets

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Anti-bird Net is one of the most ECO-Friendly and economical method to protection fruits,crops from bird invade in the growing season.In the vineyard,the Anti-bird netting can be installed on high-tensile Wire and Posts, Trellis etc. ,which can component part Bird Netting System.With this system, the crop is completely enclosed and protected. At season's end, the netting is pulled to the end of the field and stored . In the spring, the netting is unwrapped and pulled back into place.


We divide the Anti-bird Net into three types,each with different characteristics and advantages:


Anti Bird Netting-Mono Knitted

Knitted Netting: Knitted Anti-bird nets are made from HDPE monofilament with UV resistance and offer long-term protection for all types of crops and plants against all birds and predators. A range of widths are available up to 6m for larger area the netting should be jointed.The Service Life of netting is 4-6 years,it is depend on condition of usages.(Including climate,temperature,etc.)

Anti Bird Netting-Knotted

Knotted Bird Netting: Our knotted anti-bird nets are made of polyethylene and used for many applications within horticulture, agriculture.The Knotted Netting are more sturdy and durable.It can used for protect grapevines,cherries,crops,from Sparrow,Pigeon,Staring etc.It is also useful for your garden protection.Any whatever which application,The Anti-bird Nets and prevent any unnecessary damage or loss from birds.with a life expectancy of 5-7 years depending on condition of use.

Anti Bird Netting-Extruded

Extruded Bird Netting:This Type of Anti-bird Nets are very lightweight,and cost-effective for many kinds of plants,crops,vineyard.And this mesh is considered to be environmentally friendly, since birds are unable to get into the crop and so will not be harmed by getting caught up within the net. The life expectancy of the net is 1-2 full seasons depending on conditions of use. 

Anti Hail netting are widely used in following applications:

● Corp Row Covers for vegetable planting

● Hoop House Covers

● Vineyard and Orchard Netting Protection

● Organic farming and gardening 



Strong enough to satisfy your any projects;

● All in one applications for hail, bird and sun protection;

● Fine selected raw materials made for extra mechanical strength exceeding industry standards;

 100% Virgin materials with UV protected for long lasting lifetime,durable and eco-friendly;

Custom made selvage and eyelets for easy installations to corps or covering systems.


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