Different Types Of Plant Nets In The Garden

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Do you want to protect your garden from harmful birds, insects, and small animals? If needed, plant nets should be used. Since the garden is a resort where birds, insects, and small animals destroy crops and fruits, you must use plant nets for effective protection.


Below I have listed three types of plant nets, I hope to help you choose a suitable plant net.

Bird Netting

Berry plants are particularly vulnerable to pests and birds. Bird netting is the most popular type of plant net that we sell. The bird nets are light-weight and can efficiently protect plants. The Bird net can be hung over the entire plant area to keep pests and birds away from all plants.


Bird netting is available in custom sizes. Smaller 20mm mesh is suitable for the sparrow, 50mm mesh will prevent pigeons, and 100mm mesh will protect against gulls.

Garden plant nets

Insect Control Netting

Many butterflies and flies will damage crops growing on the garden floor. Insect nets are the best way to prevent damage from insects, such as carrot flies, root flies, onion flies, etc... 


The insect net has a fine mesh size (0.22mm~1.35mm) to keep the small pests away from plants and crops. This lightweight netting can be put on the top of plants and vegetables without damaging the crops, while also ensuring that the plants are exposed to sunlight, air, and water.

garden mesh fabric

Animal Control Netting

The open space garden often attracts the attention of deer, rabbits, and mice. Generally, deer will jump into the garden. To prevent the deer from entering the garden, a plant net of 2 meters is generally used. The mesh of the plant net used to prevent damage by rabbits is smaller than the mesh of the plant net used to prevent damage by deer, and it is usually necessary to dig into the ground to prevent rabbits from digging underground. Plant nets used to prevent damage by rats will require very small nets made of reinforced plastic or metal.

net for plant protection


Finally, you can choose which type of plant net to use according to the actual situation of your garden.


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