Effective Methods of Protecting Grapes from Invertebrate Pests

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Grapes are one of the best-selling fruits, not only for humans but also for those pesky insects. The bad news is that the occurrence of pests always leads to a lot of economic losses. This post will provide you with plenty of tips to protect your grapes from them.

1. Invertebrate Pests

The capital grape “killers” in the vineyards are grape berry moth, multicolored Asian lady beetle, grape flea beetle, etc. They can be found wherever wild and cultivated grapes are grown. In addition to the large area of impact, the damage they cause to the grapes is irreversible.

Fortunately, scientists found that infections are usually more severe at vineyard boundaries than inside vineyards, especially near woods or hedges, which means that the method of protecting grapes from pests is to find out how to keep pests out of the vineyards.

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2. Effective Methods

i. Insecticidal


There is a wide variety of insecticides corresponding to most of the pests that may be encountered.

The efficacy of the drug is not easily affected by the environment, such as soil temperature and fertilizer application

They can control underground pests.


The type and dosage used need to be strictly controlled.

Improper use can cause damage to the environment and our bodies.

Pesticide residues on grapes, affect the quality and even destroy them.

Pests' species and resistance to insecticides are increasing.

pest control for grapes

ii. Fruit Growing Bags


Reduce pest damage.

It can reduce the occurrence of cracking disease, and maintain the beautiful appearance of grapes.

If you want to use insecticidal, bags can reduce pesticide residues.


Labor-intensive and time-consuming.

After bagging, the light inside the bag is poorer. 

grapevine pest control

iii. Anti-insect Nets


Varied-sized mesh holes are available to meet different pests.

Long service life when kept in place.

Environmentally friendly.


The cost investment carried out by erecting insect-proof nets is high.

The grapes cannot receive as much light and ventilation as in the open field.

grape bags advantages

The above are three methods of grapes protection. Of course, if you are willing to spend more effort and money on ecological control, controlling these pests with other organisms is a practical and sustainable way. Hope this post can help you with your grapes.


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