Effects of High Temperature on Grapes

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Summer provides the appropriate temperature and abundant light for grapes' growth. The large temperature difference between day and night is a significant process for high-quality grapes to accumulate sugar. However, sometimes, the temperature during the daytime is too high to harm grapes' growth.

Let's focus on the symptoms of grapes in high temperatures.

high temperature damage grapes

1.Damage to Leaves

After a long time of high temperature and sunlight, grape leaves may wither and fall off, or scorch spots on the local leaves and the leaf margin, which seriously affect the growth of grapes. Under high temperatures, the ability to transport photochemical compounds to the ear decreased, and the enzyme activity decreased, resulting in poor berry growth.

viticulture high temperature

2.Damage to Fruits

Grape is most vulnerable to high-temperature damage in the hard temperature period. 

Generally, the following three situations will occur.

-When the fruit is damaged by high temperature about one month after flowering, there are many dark brown spots, which are called stains. Stains do not expand or fall off until the grape is mature but affect the appearance and epidermal smoothness.

-High temperature or hot air burn can cause disease spots on the burned parts of grapes.

-Lesions will occur in the parts directly exposed to the sun. Although the peel of the diseased fruit will not sink or shrink, most of them will eventually fall off and lose the edible value.

prevent grape sunburn

However, the above situation can be prevented through scientific means, like Irrigation scientifically, pruning branches and leaves, bagging fruits, and so on. Agrow can provide a variety of tools to help grapes grow smoothly. If you are interested in it, please visit our website.


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