How to Get More Grapes with Excellent Yield and Quality?

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Grapevine is an extremely optimistic striver. Even if it is allowed to grow freely, it still yearns for the blue sea and blue sky, and always strives for a higher level.

Grapevine is a friendly communicator. If you provide it with appropriate attention and cultivation, it will send you its fullest enthusiasm and blessing - Juicy grapes.

Grapevine is a vigorous climber. If you provide a trellis system for the vines as additional support, they will reward you with a large number of heavy grapes.

1. How to Get More Grapes with Excellent Yield and Quality

So, how can we reach the most friendly agreement with grapes and obtain more grapes with excellent yield and quality?

1. Provide Trellis System for Grapes as Support

First of all, using the trellis system to cultivate grapes can make grapes obtain more uniform light distribution, and promote the improvement of grape quality and the stable growth of grape quantity.

Moreover, the use of a trellis system to cultivate grapes ensures the airflow performance of the vineyard, which helps to prevent rot and disease.

More importantly, the emergence of the trellis system provides the necessary environment for grape growing, and the load-bearing capacity can change with the increase of grapes.

3. How to Get More Grapes with Excellent Yield and Quality2.0

2. Provide Fruit Bags for Grapes as Protection

In the process of grape planting, the fruit cannot be prevented from being damaged by external factors. To reduce the loss of grapes, a grape protection bag is a very good solution. This can not only solve the problem that grapes are easily sunburned by the sun in high-temperature weather, but also protect grapes from insects and birds.

2. How to Get More Grapes with Excellent Yield and Quality


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