How to keep grapes from Birds and Insects?

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How to keep grapes from Birds and Insects is a major problem in grapes planting. If you want to savor delicious grapes before the birds start savoring them first. You need take some action to safeguard vineyards from grape-eating birds and Fruit fly. Currently, bagging and netting is recommended to create a physical barrier to protect those lovely bunches of grapes before harvest.

Part 1 Bagging

1. When to Bag

Put the bags on the grape bunches as soon as the cluster is formed. It is better to put the bags on the grape bunches within three days of an organic-approved pesticide application, to reduce the pathogen count on the fruitlet surface.

Reduce the pathogens

2. How to Bag

Open the paper bag and place over the fruitlet, keep the fruitlet completely enclosed in the bag. Next, cincht the fruitlet with paper bag in an accordion-like fashion and secured by a twist tie. Finally, rotate the twist tie at least 360 degrees around the cinched paper.

Tighten the Paper bag

3. When to remove

Keep bag on the branch for the duration of the growing season. It is better to remove or ripped open to get more light penetration at the end of the season.

Keep bag on the branch

Part 2 Bird Netting

1. Hole Size

Make sure it is sized properly – ¾” which will stop most birds. ½” is also best to against smaller birds.

Anti Bird Netting

2. When to Net

It is best time to net your grapes before they change colors. Keep the net on at all times until harvest.

Bird Netting

3. How to Net

Lay the net over the entire vine, then wrap it underneath the trellis and close the bottom of the net by tying it with net clip. You will have to tie it in several places like post and stakes to make sure there's no opening under the vine.

Vineyard Net Systems


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