Non-invasive Methods for Protecting Grapes from Bird Predation

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With the improvement of the ecological environment and the enhancement of people's awareness of loving birds, the species and population of birds have increased sharply. However, the damage of birds to vineyards is increasing. Not only the grapes cultivated in the open field, but also the grapes in the greenhouse are often attacked, which has a great impact on the quality and yield of grapes. So the question is, how can we prevent the damage caused by birds?

Non-invasive methods for protecting grapes from bird predation1

1.    Definition of Bird Damage

Bird damage in vineyards is mainly the phenomenon that birds peck at the tender leaves, twigs, inflorescences and mature fruit grains of grapes during the growth period of grapes. Research has revealed that in vineyards, bird damage inflicted on grape crops typically ranges from 14%-45% of the fruit but can be as high as 95%. Therefore, the bird damage in the vineyard can easily lead to the decline of the grape commodity rate, and induce the occurrence of secondary diseases and insect pests such as bees, flies, grape acid rot, which seriously affects the healthy development of grape production.

Non-invasive methods for protecting grapes from bird predation2

2.    Non-invasive Control Methods for Bird Damage

  • Fruit Bagging


1. Bagging, as a conventional technology for grapes, has been widely used in the main grape production areas, which has a good effect on disease prevention, insect prevention, and reducing the pollution of pesticides and dust on fruits.

2. If the special bag for grapes is used for timely treatment, it can effectively prevent small birds from pecking, hurting, or dropping the grapes.


1. Since large birds can often peck paper bags to harm grapes, it has a low obstruction effect on large birds.

Non-invasive methods for protecting grapes from bird predation4

  • Setting Up the Anti-bird Net


1. The anti-bird net is suitable for both large-scale vineyards and small-scale vineyards or courtyard grapes.

2. It has the functions of light transmission and moderate shading, which provides favorable conditions for creating an environment suitable for crop growth.

3. It can keep birds out of the net, cut off the breeding routes of birds in the orchard to a certain extent, effectively control the spread of various types of birds and prevent the spread of viral diseases.


1. The cost of an anti-bird net is high and the service life is short.

2. Due to the aging of the protective net, it needs to be erected and collected, so the labor cost is slightly higher.

3. The color selection of the anti-bird net is relatively simple. Due to the poor ability of birds to recognize light and color, the use of white and red materials can make the birds clearly see the net and automatically retreat.

Non-invasive methods for protecting grapes from bird predation3

There are many ways to prevent bird damage in vineyards. If the budget is enough, ultrasonic and drones are also good ways to prevent bird damage. Orchards should choose the appropriate method according to their own conditions to achieve the best results.


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