Polytunnel Vs Greenhouse, Which Is Best?

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A polytunnel or greenhouse is a good way to boost the harvest of fruit and vegetables. A polytunnel or greenhouse not only provides cover from harsh weather conditions and pests, but it will also enable the gardener to grow fruit and vegetable plants that are unable to grow in their climate and extend the growing season so they can grow their favorite foods all year round.

Polytunnel Vs Greenhouse

But which option should you choose? However, here are some differences which should make it an easy choice:


Purchase Price

Compared to greenhouses, polytunnels are generally cheaper and require a smaller investment. Polytunnels are constructed from galvanized steel hoops and tightly covered with clear or diffused plastic, at only a third of the cost of a greenhouse, polytunnels are excellent value for money.

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Ease of Construction

A glass greenhouse can take more time to construct. The ground must be level for a greenhouse while rougher ground can be more easily accommodated for a polytunnel. Therefore, polytunnels are manufactured and delivered much more quickly.

Polytunnel plastic



It is fairly easy to replace when a pane of glass of a greenhouse is broken. But it is more difficult to repair polytunnels.



Greenhouses can get very hot so the glass will need to paint to provide some shade to avoid sun damage. Polytunnels are cooler because the polythene does the job of painting. A diffused polythene sheeting on a polytunnel helps to prevent heat spots.

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Polytunnels are not permanent structures and can be transported to different areas or removed as and when needed. Glass greenhouses can’t be moved and would need to be rebuilt in another location if that was required.


In summary, polytunnels are a more cost-effective structure and can be easily customized and moved around. For more information, please visit Here or email us at


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