The Wonderful Citrus Family

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  Citrus fruits have become an indispensable fruit in our lives. But what kind of wonderful relationship exists between them, do you know?

The following figure explains the relationship between them


Citrus Bagging

  Looking at this complicated relationship, there are three ancestors in the citrus family: citron, pomelo, and mandarin. They continue to produce new varieties through crossbreeding.


  We divide these citrus fruits into four major categories, namely tangerines, oranges, mandarins, and pomelos.


  Tangerines: The fruit is large, nearly spherical, with yellowish, orange or orange-red skin, thick skin, thick sponge layer, loose texture, and easy peeling. Mainly sweet and resistant to storage.

  Oranges: The shape of the fruit is round or oblong, the skin is orange-yellow, smooth, thin, tightly encapsulated, not easy to peel, but it can still be peeled by hand. The meat is moderately sweet and sour, has a delicate smell, and is storage-resistant.

  Mandarins: The fruit is small, often oblate in shape, with orange-yellow, orange-red, or vermilion skin, thin and loose skin, easy to peel, sweet or sour, and not durable for storage.

  Pomelos: The fruit is large, oblate, or pear-shaped, with thick skin, and the appearance of the skin is not particularly smooth and green or light yellow. The peel of grapefruit is thick and tight, making it difficult to break apart with tools. The taste is sweet and sour, and some are slightly bitter, which is storage-resistant.

Citrus Trees Growing Tips

  And that grapefruit has nothing to do with grapes, but when they are hung on the tree, there are a lot of them. They are like grapes in bunches, so the name is given.


  Do you understand this time that a few simple fruits have such a complicated relationship!


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