Three Methods to Prevent Grape from Flower and Fruit Dropping

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Grape flower and fruit dropping is a common phenomenon in grape growth. However, less fruit setting of grapes means reduced production.

The following three methods are helpful to keep the fruit setting rate of grapes in an appropriate range, which is conducive to the stable production of grapes and improving fruit quality.

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1.      Improve vines nutrition.

Apply nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers reasonably from germination to florescence, to promote the complete development of flowers, enhance tree vigor, and provide sufficient nutrients for inflorescences.

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2.      Remove the terminal buds and arrange the flower branches.

It is a necessary job for some varieties that the shoot tips and young leaves should not grow vigorously one week before flowering and before the end of physiological fruit falling.

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3.      Using growth regulators and trace elements.

Some varieties are more prone to drop flowers and fruit. During the period of flowers booming, 3000ppm B9 and 2000ppm chlormequat can be used to spray branches, leaves, and inflorescences 15 days before flowering, which can significantly improve the fruit setting rate of grapes.

Hope the above suggestions can help you. You can find more information about fruit planting on Agrow's website.


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