Three Practical Benefits of Using Grape Trellis

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Have you ever visited a vineyard? Have you ever observed how grapes grow? Do you know what manual services are required for grape growth?

If you have ever visited a vineyard, you will find that the growth mode of grapes is not the same as that of other fruits. It will climb up step by step along the direction of vines, and the place where it crawls is the grape trellis provided by people for its growth. So why is the trellis system so important in grape growth? In other words, what benefits does the trellis system bring to grape growth?


Here are some advantages of using a grape trellis:

1. The trellis system can not only ensure sufficient light for grapes, but also prevent grapes from burning.

The practice has proved that if the fruit is in a normal temperature environment or the high-temperature environment in the shade, it will not cause local burns due to overheating. Although the grapes on the trellis may be in a high-temperature environment, because they are wound on the trellis, the branches and leaves effectively and closely block the direct sun, effectively protecting the integrity and concealment of the fruit, making the grapes grow safely in a shaded environment, and finally achieving a harvest of both yield and quality.


2. The appearance of a trellis system improves the working efficiency of machinery and labor.

The traditional horizontal scaffold has a high trunk. People must raise their hands to operate whether it is pruning branches and leaves, bagging during growth, picking leaves, removing insects, or spraying medicine. This is not only labor-intensive, but also labor, time, and money-consuming. The scaffolding system takes into account the adaptability of machinery and labor and makes effective adjustments and improvements. It can change the structure or style as required, which is suitable for most of the fine operation technologies and improves the operability and work efficiency of machinery and labor.


3. The use of the trellis system is beneficial to control the yield and improve the quality of fruits.

In today's high-tech world, if we want to be competitive in the market, we must have the concept of combining quantity and quality. In recent years, the area of grape cultivation has been expanding, and the yield has increased year by year. Improving grape quality is the key to profit at present. Using the trellis system to cultivate grapes is beneficial to control the yield and improve the fruit quality.

In a word, the effect of the trellis system on grape planting, yield, and quality improvement is obvious. If your vineyard needs a more perfect planting system, the trellis system is one of your best choices.


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