Why do Vineyards need Trellis Systems?

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When you start growing grapes, someone may suggest you use the trellis systems or your grapevines cannot be grown satisfactorily. So why do you need trellises in your vineyards? What makes the trellis system so important in vineyards? 

Here are four reasons for trellises planting.

1. Sufficient light

There is no doubt that grapes need light to flower and develop into high-quality and high-yield grapes. Grapes will be more productive in full sun than those grown in shady conditions. Fortunately, the grape trellis system not only can provide the grapes with well-light environments, but also facilitate vine size, structure, and canopy management.

trellis systems for grape vines

2. Disease Management

Grapes planted on trellises can establish better air circulation, reducing potential disease problems. Since the plants are on the trellis, it is also easier to spray the vines, obtaining a more thorough and uniform coverage. This applies not only to fungicides but also to insecticides.

vineyard grape trellis

3. Avoid Herbicide Damage

Since the vines are placed on the trellis, weeding underneath the plants becomes much easier. The vines can be sprayed more effectively without the concern of damage to the vines from herbicides.

trellis systems for vineyards

4. Harvest

A firm and well-designed trellis system facilitate harvest. If you want to harvest high-quality grapes conveniently and quickly, it is a good choice to choose the right trellis system.

We have a complete trellis system, which includes with different processing methods and coating materials to suit every situation. 

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